Programs and Activities

Our program gives children an accurate, non-stereotypical view of Native America. Indigenous cultures are presented as dynamic, current and complex; we have materials available that will help bring Native America into your 21st century classroom. Your visit will be fun, informative and inspiring for everyone.

Students will have the opportunity to meet indigenous performers and teachers while learning about Native cultures of today as well as long ago. Kids can sit in a teepee, wear traditional and contemporary regalia, handle artifacts, participate in powwow dancing, create beautiful art, become informed on some Native issues of today and get to know some indigenous people who are also New Yorkers.

From year to year our adventurous tours into Native life ways will visit the Dawnland of the Wabanaki, the most eastern region of the U.S., the icy far north of the Inupiat, the vast plains of the Lakota, the Southwestern painted deserts of the Navajo, the South American towering mountains of the Aymara, the South Sea volcanic islands of Native Hawaiians or the Florida swampy hillocks of the Seminoles we even discuss the Native peoples from the Caribbean Islands, such as the Arawak: Taino, Carib.  Our current show centers on the original peoples of our city, the Lenni Lenape.

Program Highlights include:

  • Puppet show of Native stories
  • Artifact demonstration
  • Dancing, Singing
  • Indigenous performers and teachers
  • Craft workshops from a variety of regions and Native nations
  • Gift Shop/Trading Post with quality educational materials, art projects, handmade souvenirs and jewelry
  • Teacher Hospitality Center
  • Resource materials
  • Classroom aids/bibliographies

The Puppeteers:

TommyTipi2xMaster puppeteer Tommy Cheng comes from the Manoa Valley on the island of O’ahu in Hawai’i. Tommy is a painter, actor and a musician. He has spent the last 16 years teaching New York City school children about Native people.